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“Our service will exceed your expectations”

Company SciLab was established by Valery Vdovin, a certified engineer, having more than 20 years’ experience in the petroleum industry specializing in precise laboratory instruments . more ...

The knowledge of standards, high technical skills and excellent ability to solve even the most complicated problems built a strong reputation for Valery Vdovin as a unique professional in this complicated and specialized industry.

SciLab provides sales and technical services for world renowned companies - worldwide leaders in manufacturing unique instruments for the petroleum industry.

SciLab company is growing constantly, providing the best service support for the customers. Technical staff of the company passes regular training and examinations in order to stay at highest level of technical support.

SciLab – A reliable partner and assistant in your laboratory.

SciLab – The knowledge, skills, reliability, creativity in solving your lab related problems.

Important notification!

Buying Equipment is a process. Before you have bought our equipment you have invested a lot of time in searching for the right tools for your laboratory. Buying equipment is a long term investment.

Service is essential for the life span of your equipment. We would like to provide the support you need, so your machinery lasts for a long period of time.

For that purpose SciLab has its own services and calibration team.

What can SciLab service team mean for you?

If you want an offer for service and calibration or more details, you can freely contact us.

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